Do these weird tricks. Or don’t. Up to you.

Unconventional Productivity Hacks for Writers, Artists and Entrepreneurs

Writing advice you haven’t heard before to up your game, do less and increase your success

Andrew Macrae
3 min readApr 26, 2020


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Procrastinate more

It boosts creativity and stops you wasting time following dead ends. Just don’t do it so much that you miss the deadline.

Inbox zero is a waste of time

There’s no reason to sort your email. Delete the junk and keep the rest. You can search for anything you want to find later.

Only ever put three things on your to-do list

Then cross off two (affiliate link).

Use social media while you’re working

Give your brain a break by checking your feed between each sentence. If you start to check it more often, it means you’re not working on the right thing.

Quality is better than quantity

Focus on quality not quantity. There’s enough dreck in the world. You don’t need to add to it.

Tools are not important

Use whatever tools you have to hand. A cheap notebook is best, because you won’t be worried about messing it up. It doesn’t matter what kind of pencil Stephen King uses. Note: he uses a Blackwing 602 #2 (affiliate link).

Ideas are worthless

It’s the implementation of them that matters.

Work like a termite, not a bee

Bees live in boxes. Termites sprawl all over the place, eating away at the boundaries of their own work.

There is no lost time

Waste as many opportunities as you need to. They will never come again, and that’s ok.

Don’t write every day

You need to give yourself space to come up with good ideas. One really good idea every 10 years is all you need.



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